Norwich Office Charity of the Year 2017 - Norwich Door to Door

Howes Percival’s Norwich office is thrilled that its chosen charity for 2017 is Norwich Door to Door.

The local transport charity helps people who have severe mobility problems and the low incomes that constrain their ability to get out and about, providing a door to door minibus service with affordable fares.

The charity operates a fleet of ten mobility buses, which are used to provide affordable travel to those individuals who need it most. This allows their passengers to reconnect with their communities, by giving them the chance to get out and socialise. Norwich Door to Door recognises that social inclusion is hugely important for every individual, and is a vital factor in preventing the sense of isolation and depression that a lack of mobility can cause.

Jill Gaul, Chief Executive: “I am truly delighted and excited that we have been chosen by the lovely people at Howes Percival to be their charity for the year. For many of our passengers a ride on our buses is the only opportunity they have to leave their home. We set out to ensure the journey is itself, as pleasurable as reaching the destination. We look forward to working with the members of the charities team and to encouraging them and cheering them on in their endeavours to assist us with our funding needs.”

The work Norwich Door to Door is doing is incredibly valuable and Howes Percival is proud to be working with the charity in 2017.

The fundraising has already begun - the year started with a January “Resolution Revolution” in which Norwich staff raised money by losing weight, walking 300,000 steps or giving up alcohol/chocolate. January’s Resolution Revolution was followed by February’s “Pancake Party”. Budding chefs Abi Rudd and Katrina Tipler set up shop in the Norwich boardroom, and served the entire Norwich office pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

Howes Percival will be arranging other exciting fundraising events throughout the year, in a bid to raise as much as they can for Norwich Door to Door.

For more information about Norwich Door to Door, see http://www.norwichdoortodoor.org.uk