International - for individuals

Our lawyers are all experts in their chosen specialisms, but you need your advisers to be able to look beyond the specific deal or project to understand your business sector. That is why our lawyers immerse themselves in specific industry sectors, making sure that they understand your business as well as they do their own.

Our private client team advises private individuals in relation to overseas affairs including advising on:

  • Protection and preservation of assets located worldwide
  • Advising in relation to complex companies, property, business and pension arrangements
  • Jurisdictional issues arising upon divorce and financial settlements involving multiple jurisdictions/countries
  • Freezing assets to prevent removal out of the jurisdiction
  • Tax and revenue implications arising from transfer of assets off/onshore
  • International children issues to include child arrangements and relocation
  • Advice in relation to international child abduction
  • The need for Wills in other jurisdictions and how best to structure a UK Will in light of international assets
  • Dealing with administration of estates where the deceased has assets in a number of jurisdictions (including dealing with the tax aspects)
  • Assisting clients in giving authority to a third party in another jurisdiction to enable them to deal with their financial affairs
  • Trusts, where there are international beneficiaries or international investments and advising on complex off-shore trusts; and
  • Dealing with disputes in relation to Wills and trusts where there is an international element.