Arrive into the office and catch up on e-mails and overnight developments, whilst starting the day with a warm cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich.


Being fresh in the morning, this is the perfect time to sit down and deal with the final pieces of preparation for the Judicial Review hearing in the High Court in a few weeks’ time. Proof reading Counsel’s skeleton argument and finalising in light of the agreed trial bundle. Once finalised, it is time to liaise with Counsel’s clerk to file this with the Court and the other parties with a stern letter of objection to the submission of additional evidence at such a late stage.


Here comes the unexpected call of the day. A potential new client has been locked out of his commercial premises for alleged non-payment of rent. Providing initial advice and, once instructions are confirmed, the next step is to arrange for a file to be opened and drafting client care engagement letter. Discussing the validity of the landlord’s actions with the client and appropriate way forward.