I arrive at the office and, as my computer boots up, I begin the day with a cup of coffee as I review my to-do list. I then check my emails to see if there have been any overnight developments that require my attention.


There is an email from my supervisor waiting for me. He has received a list of questions from a client regarding how their company, which we recently helped set up, is governed and run. He has a mid-morning call with the client, so he needs me to use the company’s Articles of Association and other documents to prepare a suitable guidance note addressing the client’s issues.


I turn my attention to some academy conversion work from the day before. I had been asked to draft various agreements for several schools that are converting to academy status. I finish the drafting and take the time to proof-read carefully each document before handing them to my supervisor for his comments.


We are exchanging contracts on a deal and have received the other side’s signed documents. I have been told to prepare our counterpart documents for exchange, along with a covering letter. I make sure the client has signed in all the relevant places and draft a short letter to the other side enclosing the documents. After some amendments from my supervisor, I place the letter in the outgoing mail.


There are several supermarkets within walking distance of the office, so I have time to head out for some fresh air and something to eat.