I am currently doing a seat in the Litigation department. I get into the office and check my emails while having my cup of tea. I look at my list of tasks which I need to complete and prioritise the matters which need to be dealt with first.


We have a team meeting at the start of each week to catch up on current workloads and make sure everyone is informed of each other’s commitments during the week. It’s important to know both what you have on and when your supervisor is going to be in the office to ensure your work can be approved in time for deadlines.


I draft a letter to a client explaining the next steps to progress their application for a lease renewal. Sometimes you will be heavily involved in a client matter so will have a good understanding of what has happened. Other times, you may be just asked to do a one-off task for a client, so it is important to review the documents and correspondence on the file so you know what stage the matter is at.


I call the County Court to check they have received an application we posted. In litigation, there can be strict consequences for failing to file and serve documents so it is important to ensure the court has received urgent documents.


I carry out a research task for my supervisor. Sometimes tasks can be quite straightforward and involve finding the relevant CPR provision or law but other times tasks can be more abstract!