I arrive at work bright and early and start up my computer. I find it is always better to arrive early so I can plan my day ahead, organise anything that is urgent to be dealt with by my supervising partner and finish off any filing and administration from the day before.


First email in from a clerk for Counsel who we have instructed on a matter. The email is regarding the format of a document sent through the day before. I save the document as a PDF and send it through to the clerk as requested.


I deal with an email sent through by a client in the early hours of the morning. I need to speak to the partner about our full response but acknowledge the email nonetheless so as the client is aware we have picked up his message and will endeavour to respond by the end of the day.


I am finalising a schedule of costs in respect of a Court of Protection matter that is going to final hearing in the coming weeks.


My supervisor asks me to research some trust advice for one of our clients who needs an answer by the end of the day. I write up and send to my supervisor my report on the trust research carried out.