Marks my arrival into the office. I have a chat with my supervisor about a research task I prepared yesterday and while my computer boots up I make a cup of tea. Upon returning to my desk, I take a look through my emails to track any overnight developments in the matters I am involved with. A client has emailed a query regarding costs, and I draft a reply immediately to make sure they have enough time to assess the information prior to a call we have scheduled later in the afternoon.


My supervisor has asked me to prepare a research memorandum on an international treaty so we can respond to a request from a foreign firm of lawyers. There is a call scheduled later in the day with the other side to discuss so I begin to prepare the memo.


Having prepared the memo, I leave it with my supervisor to review. The post has now arrived and I have received a response from a company who we are pursuing for copyright infringement. I prepare a draft response requesting further information and hand both letters to my supervisor at the same time. After taking in my supervisor’s amendments, I arrange for the letters to be sent out in the post.


It is lunch time and, as I fancy some fresh air, I head over to Fosse Park shopping centre with some of my Commercial Property colleagues. We have a celebratory lunch as one of the paralegals has managed to secure a training contract with the firm.