Arrival and time for a cup of tea while the computer loads up. The double click on the "email" icon to see what your day will entail, and what emails came in over night from clients working late and those lawyers on the other side of the globe that are dealing with cross border issues with you.


Time to review the to-do list and see what needs doing as soon as possible – today, it's a research task.


Most clients have got to work by now and have started to email in their problems and queries. The first unexpected email of the day has arrived, and a long standing client has informed us of a new case of passing off and trade mark infringement which they want to pursue and want us to write a letter before action on their behalf. Time for a bit of digging on the potential infringer and getting the first draft of a letter before action prepared.


The post has arrived and although as a trainee, hardly anything is addressed to you, fee earners are always keen for trainees to have a go at doing a first draft of an email or letter in response on their behalf (you quickly learn to accept the red pen squiggles across your work!). Today we have a notification from the World Intellectual Property Office that one of our client's trade marks has been registered in one country, but refused in another. Time to email the client and find out what they want to do about the refusal.


Time to meet with one of the fee earners who has passed me some work to do this week. I report back on the research and ask a few questions about the letter before action that I started drafting this morning. Then it's back to the drawing board to finish my first draft and time to draft undertakings along with the letter.