I arrive at the office for the day and switch on my computer. Whilst I wait for it to load up, I make myself a drink (not tea or coffee unlike most of my colleagues) and review my to-do list. It’s always a good idea to see whether any emails have come in overnight which need to be dealt with as a priority.


Today, an email is waiting for me from one of our clients regarding a potential case of passing off and trade mark infringement of their website. As such, it’s my job to screenshot all of the infringing web pages which could be used as evidence in potential litigation.


One of our corporate clients is selling their company, and the IP team has been asked to give some assistance on the IP aspects of the sale. Therefore, I carry out searches of all of the client’s registered IP, and then conduct further research as to whether the client has any unregistered IP. So that the information is presented clearly to our corporate colleagues and the client, I put all of my findings into a Report.


One of our clients wants to make an international trade mark application for one of their UK trade marks using the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s application process. Therefore, I draft the requisite application form and send it to my supervisor for their approval.