Apprentices’ progress quicker - it’s the law

We know that becoming a solicitor is challenging - the training is in depth, fairly lengthy and requires commitment. But the faster you learn, the quicker you could progress.

The plain fact is that on a solicitor apprenticeship with Howes Percival, you begin learning in a live client environment from day one, not four years down the line as you would do via the university route.

Having gained so much more practical legal experience, you will know more about our firm, about the profession and about the needs of our clients. 

Even though you will finish with the same qualifications as any other solicitor, the direct, frontline experience you gain is a real career advantage.


Apprenticeships are more accessible

As attractive as university is, there’s no escaping the cost of it, which can put it out of reach. Not so with Apprenticeships. 

Since you will be working from the beginning, you will also be paid. Better still, your pay rises over the course of your study period as you gain more qualifications and experience and begin to take on more client work.

To reach solicitor level does take a similar number of years whichever route you take, but the apprenticeships option means you are earning from the start instead of debt financing a four year study programme.

Becoming a Solicitor Apprentice at Howes Percival, everything you need to know..
BPP University Law School

How does it work?

We partner with BPP as our training provider and our Solicitor apprentices will complete Level 3 Paralegal and Level 7 Solicitor apprenticeships over a period of six years. 

We are keen to make the whole apprenticeship experience as accommodating as possible and by starting our apprentices with the Paralegal apprenticeship which is 2 years, it allows people the opportunity to decide if a career in law or that type of law is right for them, before they commit to the Solicitor apprenticeship. 

You can find out more about the apprenticeship, what you will learn and when by visiting the BPP website by clicking here

When and how can I apply?
Here is a timeline of our Solicitor Apprenticeship Scheme: