Our Business Immigration services are tailored to help you navigate the complex UK immigration system with ease and efficiency. Whether you are a multinational corporation, a fast-growing start-up, or an individual entrepreneur, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive immigration solutions that align with your business objectives.

What to expect

Expertise and Experience

We possess a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing UK immigration laws and regulations. This allows us to proactively address potential challenges and opportunities, ensuring a smooth and successful immigration process for you and your employees.

Personalised Solutions

We recognise that each client's needs and circumstances are distinct. Our approach is highly personalised, and we take the time to understand your business goals to tailor our services accordingly. From visa applications to compliance assistance, we are committed to finding the most suitable solutions for your business needs.

Streamlined Processes

With our efficient and streamlined processes, we aim to minimise delays and expedite your immigration applications. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps, ensuring compliance while saving you valuable time and resources.

Our Services

Sponsor Licence

We can support your business in obtaining or renewing a sponsor licence, which enables you to sponsor migrant workers from outside the UK. Our team will guide you through the application process, ensuring all necessary documents are prepared and submitted accurately. We can also assist with the ongoing management of sponsor and migrant worker related updates.

Skilled Worker Visas

For businesses seeking to hire skilled foreign workers, we can help secure Skilled Worker visas (formerly Tier 2 General visas). Our expertise in navigating the points-based system ensures a smooth application process, allowing you to bring talent to your organisation swiftly.

Global Business Mobility Visas

If your company operates internationally and needs to transfer key employees to the UK, we can facilitate Intra-Company Transfers (also known as Global Business Mobility visas). Our team can guide you through the necessary steps to obtain these visas efficiently.

Innovator Founder or Global Talent

Entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand their businesses in the UK can benefit from our expertise in securing the Innovator Founder visa. We provide guidance on meeting the stringent eligibility criteria and support you in fulfilling your entrepreneurial ambitions.

Permanent Residence and British Citizenship

We offer comprehensive support to individual’s seeking to apply for Permanent Residence or British Citizenship in the UK. Our dedicated immigration team provides personalized consultations, guiding employees through eligibility assessments, and meticulously preparing all necessary documentation. We handle the entire application process on their behalf, ensuring compliance with Home Office requirements and offering strong legal representation if needed. We aim to make the journey to permanent residency and British citizenship as smooth and successful as possible for your valued employees.

Right to Work Checks and Compliance Training

Maintaining compliance with the UK's Right to Work legislation is fundamental for any employer. Our immigration team can advise you on Right to Work checks, ensuring that your employees have the appropriate permissions to work in the UK. We can also provide training to your HR and management teams on best practices for immigration compliance, equipping your organisation with the knowledge to handle immigration-related matters confidently.

Compliance and Auditing

Staying compliant with immigration laws is crucial for businesses operating in the UK. Our team can conduct audits of your immigration processes and practices to identify potential issues and ensure compliance, avoiding costly penalties and legal pitfalls.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Support

Navigating immigration matters during mergers and acquisitions can be complex and time-sensitive. We are well-versed in providing M&A support to ensure a seamless transition for your global workforce and can assist in conducting due diligence on immigration compliance for both acquiring and target companies, identifying potential risks and opportunities. Our team will help you devise a strategic immigration plan to address any visa or work permit issues that may arise during the M&A process, safeguarding your talent pool and business continuity.

Immigration Policy Design and Implementation

Having a well-crafted immigration policy is essential for managing international employee mobility effectively. We can work closely with your HR and legal teams to design bespoke immigration policies tailored to your company's needs and industry-specific requirements. We understand the importance of balancing compliance with flexibility, and we can assist in the implementation of these policies across your organisation. With a comprehensive immigration policy in place, you can streamline your international hiring processes, enhance employee satisfaction, and stay ahead of immigration regulations.

Global Immigration Services

In addition to our UK-focused services, we offer global immigration support for businesses with cross-border operations. Through our network of trusted partners, we can provide assistance with immigration matters in other countries, enabling you to navigate international mobility seamlessly.

Immigration Applications – SRA Transparency Rules

The Solicitors Regulation Authority's Transparency Rules require law firms to display cost and service information for immigration services provided to individuals, including services rendered to corporate clients on behalf of their employees.  Please click on the below to view Howes Percival's Immigration Applications information.

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