Working with you

Life is unpredictable

Even when you think you’ve got it wrestled to the ground and pinned there it has an unnerving facility for sticking out its tongue and then poking you in the eye.

Staying on top of things that continually wriggle about in that way is part of the ceaseless challenge of life.  

But it’s easier with a bit of help.

Whether in business or in private affairs, we’re here to help you plan for the expected and the unexpected, so you’re ready for it, rather than simply reacting when it happens.

By thinking about and planning for a wide range of possibilities and having all your legal questions answered, you become more resilient, able to face the future with increasing confidence.


Working for you

Whilst our advice is balanced it is impossible for us not to be interested in and invested in the lives of our clients and their businesses.  

We want you to be more successful and to thrive. To that extent we actively seek out ways to advance your aims—for the law can be seen as a source of opportunity as well as a remedy.

The result is a service that is client-focused, flexible, effective and benefits the businesses and communities in which we work.

Find out how we help many kinds of businesses and support our clients throughout their lives.

Working as one

Working as one

The principle of increasing our clients’ confidence is recognised by all Howes Percival’s people.  

They share a distinctive attitude: enthusiasm for their clients’ success and willingness to work harder, beyond the technical side of the work, to add value to every engagement.  

Their attitude underpins a culture which encourages team working and collaboration but does not discourage freedom to take individual decisions, to champion clients and to do what’s right.  

Read more about our culture and company values.


Woman in greenhouse

Protecting our environment

Reducing our environmental impact is one of our core goals and key to our business strategy. 

We aim to reduce our net carbon output to zero by 2030 and are committed to achieving this by making continuous improvements across our firm. 

We are proud to be members of the Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA) - the leading sustainability network for law firms and the UK legal sector. 

Read our environmental strategy here.

Community Support

Supporting our communities

We are equally committed to the people we serve in all our locations. In tandem with our aims for clients we aim to strengthen more broadly the communities in which we work.

That is achieved indirectly through the impact on clients and business success but also through direct support for community organisations.

Read about our community initiatives and fundraising.


Location Northampton

Connected through time

Howes Percival as a firm has retained a strong sense of community. Beginning in the Northamptonshire town of Towcester in 1790, the firm has since expanded well beyond. 

From its beginning it has maintained its commitment to each of its communities, building resilience and confidence among businesses, families and society.

Find out more about our locations and how we support our communities.


As a values-based and customer-orientated firm, we share a common cause: to increase our clients’ confidence and strengthen the communities in which we work.

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