We believe that excellence is achieved by recruiting and rewarding the brightest and the best. We nurture our people in a supportive environment where everyone is respected and the different contributions that individuals can make to our business, and the service we provide to clients, is recognised.

We celebrate difference and diversity. We do not have a “type” and encourage everyone to be themselves.

Responsibility is also an important part of our culture. We expect everyone to be accountable for their actions and also recognise that we must be accountable to the communities in which we operate.

Our vision is at the heart of everything we do and dictates our values, which are:

Teamwork: We build strong relationships with clients and colleagues so we can work together for the benefit of all. We pride ourselves on being open, considerate and appreciative of others and believe that consistent treatment and equality of opportunity ensures a cohesive team. We focus on team goals rather than personal agendas and we recognise that everyone is different, allowing individuals to play to their strengths.

Positivity: We have a “can-do” attitude and encourage this in others. We are proactive, not just reactive, and focus on solutions and overcoming obstacles. We go the extra mile to achieve client and business goals, and we are enthusiastic and energetic in all we do. We have a determination to succeed and we recognise and celebrate success.

Trust: We act with honesty, integrity and transparency and aim to provide strong support to clients and colleagues. We are always willing to help and lead by example by demonstrating that we can always be relied upon.

Agility: We are always reviewing and improving our processes, procedures and service. We encourage sharing knowledge and ideas and foster and reward innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. We have a drive to exceed expectations and deliver excellence as standard.

Approachability: We are open and inclusive in our dealings with clients and colleagues and pride ourselves on being supportive. We strive to be accessible and responsive, using jargon-free language to communicate positively with clients and colleagues.