For every role there’s always someone who’s been there before, knows the way to success and can help you develop your skills or advance in your career.

Our mentoring scheme offers coaching throughout your career. By listening to you and sharing experiences your mentor could help you find the right path, solve issues and provide inspiration. 

Career Development


Our established career development frameworks give you the structure to progress in any role. Your personalised plan will help you master the professional, technical and cultural skills needed to succeed.



LEAPS (learn, explore, achieve, perform, stretch), is the name of our programme to identify and develop the skills our leaders need to maintain the success of the firm. And we need leaders in every field, and every corner, so whatever your role, there are opportunities to build. 

"Yes, we’re great lawyers. But I look at it in a more human way. It’s just about people.”
Haydon Simmonds
We are now taking applications for our graduate programme
Howes Percival Training Contract

Training Contracts and Vacation Schemes

Apply for a Training Contract or Vacation Scheme here. Our Training Contracts consist of four 6 month placements, sitting with a Partner or Associate across a number of practice areas and locations. Our week-long Vacation Scheme offers the chance to gain valuable work experience in a law firm.

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Should Howes Percival receive a speculative CV from a recruitment agency, to any of its e-mail accounts, and irrespective of whether it is responded to, this will not form any type of contract between Howes Percival and the agency.

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