Why do I need this training?

Employers are increasingly facing more and more requests for flexible working from their employees and this is becoming an increasing business challenge. A hasty decision about flexible working can in certain instances lead to claims for discrimination, constructive or unfair dismissal and even automatic unfair dismissal or detriment claims.

A flexible working request is not a simple tick box exercise. There are a number of hurdles that an employer must overcome to demonstrate that each request has been properly considered and judged on its own merits.

It is crucial that anyone responsible for dealing with such requests is equipped with the right training and skills to enable them to manage the process in a fair way whilst finding a practical solution that minimises any potential impact to the organisation.

Training Overview

In this session, we will explore a range of issues that can arise when dealing with flexible working requests and provide tips on how best to approach such requests and how to better protect yourselves when facing potential claims.

What key topics will be covered?

  • The statutory business reasons for rejecting flexible working requests;
  • How to ensure you avoid claims when dealing with requests;
  • Why it is important not to approach such requests negatively or defensively;
  • The danger of making assumptions;
  • Why you should not always dwell too much on the reason for the request;
  • Why setting a precedent is irrelevant; and
  • Why you can and should think creatively when dealing with such requests. 

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