Why do I need this training?

Investigations are a key part of the grievance and disciplinary process. Employment tribunals expect employers to show that they have undertaken a fair and thorough investigation of complaints. Investigations can be time consuming and complicated. However, if carried out early and correctly, an investigation can prevent the issue from escalating to a tribunal claim and can minimise distraction from the business.

Training overview

This interactive and practical session will provide delegates with an understanding of the legal and best practice requirements necessary to conduct an investigation and provides practical tips for the investigators.

What key topics will be covered?

  • The legal requirements of an investigation, the impact of the ACAS Code and pitfalls to avoid
  • Collating evidence and structuring an investigation report
  • The use and questioning of witnesses
  • Suspension
  • Disability issues and reasonable adjustments
  • How to deal with practical issues that arise during the procedure, such as who should conduct the investigation

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