Why do I need this training?

A healthy, functioning workforce is central to a productive business.

Whether long-term or repeated short-term, sickness absences can be highly problematic for employers as they can easily turn into claims of unfair dismissal and disability discrimination if they are not handled correctly. A confident, competent and legally compliant response from management and HR is needed.

Training overview

In addition to helping you construct policies and procedures that are up-to-date and effective, our speakers will help you perfect your responses to problematic workplace scenarios. This session will provide you with the information and confidence you need to achieve your desired results, be that assisting the absent employee back to work or fairly dismissing them.

What key topics will be covered?

  • Effective sickness absence procedures
  • The causes of sickness absence and specific problem areas
  • The entitlement to sick pay
  • Disabilities and assessing capability
  • Managing a return to work
  • Safely dismissing an employee