Why do I need this training?

Employers with over 250 relevant employees are required to publish gender pay gap information. Organisations that meet the reporting criteria must be prepared for gender pay gap reporting with an understanding of what the gender pay gap is and how to report on it in compliance with legislation.

Training overview

From gathering the data and putting together a report to the more practical issues of communicating with staff and publishing the data, this session will help you comply with your gender pay gap reporting obligations. Not only will our experts explain the reporting process, but they will prepare you for the situation where a gender pay gap has been revealed.

What key topics will be covered?

  • Which organisations must report
  • The different obligations for public and private sector employers
  • The data you need to gather
  • The calculations you need to make
  • Producing and publishing a report
  • The consequences of non-compliance
  • Potential fallout – equal pay and discrimination claims 

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