Why do I need this training?

Because monitoring is an important component of the employment relationship but one which can cause legal issues for employers if not handled carefully.

From CCTV to tracking emails and internet usage, workplace monitoring can both safeguard employees and provide an employer with important data that can add real value to their business. However, monitoring must be handled carefully as employees are entitled to some privacy while they are at work. Those involved in monitoring, such as management, supervisors and HR must ensure that they comply with relevant legislation or they could quickly find themselves facing litigation.

Training overview

This session is designed to help organisations navigate the legal issues involved in monitoring employees so that they may extract as much value as possible from workplace monitoring. The session will highlight the legal pitfalls that employers must avoid and highlight the steps you should take to implement effective and legally compliant monitoring.

What key topics will be covered?

  • The different forms of monitoring
  • Why monitoring is important
  • The employer’s legal obligations and the statutory framework to monitoring
  • The employee’s right to privacy
  • Keeping employees informed
  • Sanctions for non-compliance

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