Why do I need this training?

There are a number of legal pitfalls that an employer must negotiate when managing a redundancy process. These legal complexities coupled with the human elements associated with the process, can make redundancy a time consuming and costly exercise. It is important that those tasked with implementing the redundancy process have the right training and support to manage the change in an efficient and legally compliant way, minimising the threat of potential unfair dismissal or discrimination claims,

Training Overview

In this session delegates will be guided through the key aspects of a fair redundancy process and dismissal. Through case studies, we will help delegates to understand best practice and provide practical tips to ensure a smooth redundancy process. We will also tackle some of the more difficult issues associated with redundancies.

What key topics will be covered?

  • When to collectively consult and how to do so correctly;
  • Choosing fair selection criteria and how to apply them;
  • How to consult with employees on maternity leave or long term sick leave;
  • Suitable alternative employment and its significance; and
  • What is bumping?