Why do I need this training?

No workplace is immune to sexual harassment and a lack of complaints of sexual harassment does not mean that this issue is not prevalent in your organisation. Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees do not face harassment and can be liable for the actions of their employees.

Employers are coming under increasing pressure from the government and the equality commission to take steps to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace, with talk of placing a legal duty on employers to take steps to prevent sexual harassment and suggested increases in the level of compensation for victims where this duty has been breached.

Training Overview

This interactive workshop and discussion group will explore the legal and practical issues around sexual harassment and look at steps to promote an inclusive culture which fosters equality, with a view to protecting against future claims.

What key topics will be covered?

  • The key legal concepts of sex discrimination;
  • Responsibilities of an employer;
  • How to handle complaints of sexual harassment;
  • Conducting workplace investigations;
  • Criminal behaviour;
  • Dealing with matters involving third parties and events outside the workplace;
  • The impact of culture, policies and training.

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