Grandparents often enjoy a very close relationship with their grandchildren and we appreciate that being prevented from spending regular quality time with your grandchildren can be extremely upsetting.

If you are experiencing difficulties in making arrangements to spend time with your grandchildren we can advise you about the options available to try to resolve matters. Whilst we always encourage matters to be resolved amicably wherever possible, should this not prove successful we can advise and assist you in making an application to the Court.

Grandparents do not have an automatic right to make an application to Court and will need to apply for permission, unless their grandchild has been living with them for at least three years.

The family Courts recognise the important role that grandparents have to play in their grandchildren’s lives. This means that they would not normally prevent a grandparent spending time with their grandchildren unless there is specific evidence to show it is not in the child’s best interest. Every case is different however so it is important that you seek advice which is tailored to your specific circumstances.

We also offer advice to grandparents who may find themselves as the main carer for their grandchildren. There can be a number of reasons why children are unable to live with their parents and as a result they may need be to be cared for by their grandparents on a short term or long term basis. It is important that grandparents in this position have legal advice to ensure that arrangements are put in place to regulate the position and to provide stability for all parties, including the children, during this difficult time.

For further guidance and information, please visit Grandparents Plus, which is a national charity championing the vital role of grandparents and the wider family in children’s lives.